Become a Val Mont Model

Val Mont is always looking for new models for his shoots. If you are female, at least 18, a pretty, girly type, and want photos that bring out your personal beauty, then please sign up for a casting and send an email to

casting[at] (please replace the [at] with the email sign!)

Send some recent pictures where your figure and face are clearly visible, or a social-media link where he can see recent pictures. Write a few lines about yourself, how old you are, where you live, any hobbies that might be interesting for photos, etc. Val Mont will answer you promptly. The casting itself takes about one to two hours maximum.


Some information about the following points:

Distance: it doesn't matter. For example, in 2016 Val Mont met a young ballerina from Kharkiv (Ukraine) by chance on facebook, who was enthusiastic about his pictures and then organized a shoot for him there with three other ballet friends. In 2017, this turned into a week of production in Kharkiv, with great pictures and wonderful memories. So, Val Mont is an artist, and they need one thing above all: inspiration. If you are someone who inspires him, distance doesn't matter. You will find a way to do a shoot together.

That means: no matter where you live (Europe, USA, Asia, Australia): if you want a collaboration with Val Mont, let him know! :)

Safety: Val Mont is known for being extremely respectful and polite with his models. That's why he won't invite you to his studio for the casting, but you'll meet in a neutral place in public, e.g. in a café. There you can get to know each other, and then shoot a small photo series on the street/plaza/park, and see how the cooperation works out. So you can get to know him completely relaxed and then decide whether you want to have an official shoot with him or not (although there has not been a single negative decision since the start 15 years ago :).

Permissiveness: The central element in Val Mont's pictures is the naturalness in the interaction between the model's body and the clothes. That's why the models don't wear bras under their clothes during the shoot. So you should have no problem with this "no bra look" (which is very trendy at the moment). Everything else is your choice. Val Mont will never push you to do something you don't like, because there would be no point in photographing a model who doesn't feel comfortable.

Model experience: the less you have, the better. Val Mont doesn't like poses, he much prefers the freshness and naturalness of beginners. He has the experience it takes and will help you quickly become more confident in front of the camera. You will be amazed how much fun it is not to pose, but to do something, and to be photographed doing it. This also creates beautiful individual images that you could never achieve so naturally with posing.

Cost: You will never need a penny when working with Val Mont, unless you want to pay for your own coffee on the way. Val Mont is aware of the honor it means that a beautiful girl spends her time to take pictures with him. So it's a point of honor for him to pay all the costs during a shoot himself.

Pay: Val Mont is always interested in longer-term contacts, because if you already know each other a bit, you are more relaxed, and that simply makes for more beautiful pictures. Therefore, he also pays fee from the 2nd shoot in addition to the pictures you get in any case. More info is available from him personally after the casting went fine.


...and last but not least: you can also earn money without modeling for Val Mont! If you know a girl who could fit as a model in his team and get her to apply: If it turns into an official shoot, you will get up to 100€ commission on the day the first set of pictures is online.


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