The Picture Sets

Legal Notice
The pictures offered here are completely art-orientated captures. All models were at a legal age when the the pictures were taken. They substantially contributed to the captures with their own ideas and they fully agree with the publication. So purchasing the picture sets is completely legal.

You can order picture sets, download and watch them instantly
On girls-mag you can pick out exactly the picture sets you like the most. That means that there is NO subscription to be paid. You only pay a small fee for one or more sets of your choice.

Picture size and set size
The images are in high jpg quality (very low compression) and at least in HD resolution (1920px long edge). Since August 2023, the long edge of all new images is 2560px (= QHD resolution), and can thus be viewed in excellent quality even on large monitors.
The individual sets contain between 60 and 160 images and have a file size of 25 - 100 MB.

Secure payment
Purchasing and downloading on girls-mag is easy and secure. The download link will be automatically activated, and it takes about 1 or two minutes to get the pictures. In case of a problem with the download please email Support and the problem will be solved the same day or at least within 24 hours.

Individual ordering

If you don´t like to purchase online you can use the contact form to tell Val Mont which sets you like and how you will pay.







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