How it all began

The girls-mag idea actually came about by accident. In Spring 2007 Val Mont was visited by a girl he had met some weeks before, a girl by the name of Mieze ("Mee:tse"). The young lady in question had just finished school and was doing some modelling on the side and her work had brought her to the area. She was in need of somewhere to stay and asked Val Mont if she could possibly stay in his guest room for a few days. "Yes of course, no problem!" was his excited reply.

Mieze was a pretty casual kind of girl, for example she did not use a bathrobe on the way from the bathroom back to the guest room. She inspired Val Mont a lot with her natural beauty. He asked if he could take some pictures of her and she said "sure, no problem, but only unposed pictures. I just want very simple, private captures, because I don't have such".

At that time Val Mont worked as a cameraman and mostly did documentaries and travel films for a diverse selection of TV companies. Taking photos was just a hobby for him, but as a documentary film maker he was used to working with available light on location, and so he succeeded in taking some appealing pictures of Mieze, who enjoyed being in front of the camera as herself, and not as a model. From these initial pictures emerged various other photo shoots and videos. 

Here is one of the first ones: Mieze preparing breakfast.


Val Mont posted some of the pictures from these sessions with Mieze on the photo community platforms of the time (long before networks like instagram existed), and visitors reactions where really overwhelming. They lauded the naturalness and the resulting innocence which gave a special kind of charm to the pictures. Many user's asked Val Mont to share more of these pictures, and gladly offered to pay for them - this was the origin of the girls-mag idea.

In September 2007 girls-mag went online, as an experiment, today, it has become a fixture of the internet for a growing number of photo-inspired users who savour the sensual, unpretentious aesthetic of young female beauty.

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