info and rules for the print files

Since it is relatively easy to misuse high-resolution image files, some stricter provisions apply here in order to protect the image rights and personality rights of the models. Please read this and confirm below that you agree. So you get to the download list.

By downloading a print file, you only acquire the right to use it once for private use. Private means that you have permission to order a single print, either for yourself or as a gift for someone. You may not make multiple prints, share the file with others, or otherwise use them publicly or commercially. Please ask in case of doubt just to Val Mont.

It is not permitted to edit the file in any way, such as the removal of the logo or other intervention. It may only be used in its original version for a print.

The print obtained from the file must not be copied digitally. He enjoys the same protection as the original file and is inviolable.


How it works:

You select a picture that you want as a print. You can take any picture of Val Mont that is accessible to you.

You send this picture to Val Mont via:
You are welcome to send special wishes or ideas in the mail.

Val Mont will create a high-resolution print version of this image based on the corresponding original file and offer it for download on Girls-Mag.

You can download this print version and use it for your personal print under the conditions stated above.

Have fun with your personal Val Mont picture !!!


Please note the following: Since Val Mont produces for Girls-Mag since 2007, not all pictures are on the high technical level like the pictures of the last years, because the cameras 10 years ago did not offer the possibilities like today. So it may be that one or the other of the previous images is not resolution-appropriate for a print. Try it anyway, but please accept it, if Val Mont believes that a print version makes no sense.

So, here you go to the list of all print files. By clicking, you confirm that you have read the terms and conditions.


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