Your personal favorite girls-mag picture as a poster!

Minouche on an acrylic glass print 80x120cm


Is there a picture in the Girls-Mag sets that you would like to see as a big print on your wall at home? Or in your company? Or as a gift for someone? This is now very easy to realize: Choose your favorite picture from all the girls-mag pictures you know, and send it to Val Mont via He will make from the original file a high-resolution and optimized version for printing and offer it here as a single file for download. With this file, you can either print the picture yourself, or hire a provider of your choice in your country, for example, to print the picture on acrylic, as here on the example, or as a poster, or on canvas, or whatever you like.

What you have to do to get your favorite picture here into the print list, and which copyright rules you should pay attention to, you can read here. By downloading a print version, you agree to these rules.

Here you can send your favorite picture:, so it will edited and optimized by Val Mont get in this list:

Print-File 0493 On The Stone Wall


Print-File 0493 On The Stone Wall

Valeria in a stormy wind high above Lake Garda...

High resolution image file for poster printing



Print "White Dress Dancing"

A calm, cheerful picture full of atmosphere. Made for a modern living room wall.

High resolution image file for poster printing

Print 003-0085


Print 003-0085

Shades of Red! Minouche tries on her red bustier in front of the mirror. From the series ATELIER.

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