Girls-Magazine provides you complete access to Val Mont´s portfolio of naturally sensual girl photography.  You can currently chose among more than 500 picture sets, which you can order singularily to be displayed on your monitor.

In the Prologue, Val Mont tells what makes Girls-Mag so special to him. And there you have the opportunity to download a free image set that shows you a nice cross-section of his work as a photographer (this picture set will be available in spring 2024).

In Latest Uploads you'll find all current picture sets and videos, the latest always on top. This will be your regular place to go if you want to know what's new on Girls-Mag.

The Girls and their Sets is - as the name suggests - the heart of Girls-Mag. Here you have a complete overview of the picture sets.

Updates is the list of older picture sets that were offline for a revision, and that come back here in an optimized version.

All other categories are variable, and we are happy if you feel like browsing around here, and discover picture sets that might completely match your ideas. But the search is also a good tool. Here you will find an overview of the most important search terms.

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